Rancho Solano Second Grader Nila is a Star Soccer Player

Long-term ASA soccer player Nila Kumara recently featured in an article on, in the ZONA. Nila has been playing with Coach Tamera since she was 3.

“Rancho Solano second grade student, Nila Kumara, shines both on and off the soccer field. Admired by her teachers and peers for her sweet, sensitive nature, she excels in the classroom and loves to tackle new challenges. Nila takes the same skills and determination to succeed in school on to the field where she is a dedicated and talented player. Playing on a competitive club team, her strong positive presence and ability to successfully play any position has rallied the team to numerous victories. Whether she’s aggressively leading her team toward the goal or inspiring her classmates to aim higher, Nila always maintains a healthy, competitive attitude!”